Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

A Game Of Charades

Rows of identical desks, distanced so no person can talk to his neighbour without it being overheard by someone else. The desk bare except for a pen and a piece of paper

What am I describing?

The school exam!

Now for the burning question:

Have you ever been in a classroom environment in your professional life? A working situation in which you’re cut off from all information and forbidden to talk to your colleagues?

I haven’t. Every job encouraged me to fact-check and forced me to work with others.

Your experience is probably the same.

Standardised testing does not prepare our kids for their careers. As it is now, assessment is nothing but a hurdle students have to leap in order to get a degree.

And as knowledge becomes increasingly more available, that degree is going to be as valuable as the paper it’s printed on.

If schools want to make qualifications worthwhile, children must be tested under similar conditions they’ll face in job world.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach