Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

A Habit Everyone Finds Meaningful

You have only so many spare hours per day. And many of us fritter them away by scrolling on our phones while something from Netflix or Disney plays in the background.

Wasted time or time well spent? Depends on who you ask. Carving out a butt-shaped hole in your sofa is undoubtedly an achievement in some circles. Not so much in others.

One activity everyone will agree is an achievement, however, is learning. Stretching out the ol’ noodle.

It doesn’t even need to be related to your work. Learning anything will exercise your mind and improve you in unforeseeable ways.

At worst you’ll be a little more interesting.

Sold by my outstanding and loquacious pitch? Great. Here’s how you start: follow your interests. 

Many people shy away from learning because it feels like a chore. But that’s because they confuse learning with cramming. 

But that’s just one form of learning and it’s not necessarily the best or most fun. Yet fun is precisely what you want your new learning habit to be or you won’t keep it up. 

So just do whatever tickles your fancy. Experiment. Learn some phrases in another language, read a book, listen to a podcast, or watch some infotainment on YouTube. It all counts.

Found something you like? Go back to it every day until you grow bored of it and then sink your teeth into another interest.

No one has ever felt bad spending a little of their day learning something new. I know this because someone on the internet told me. 

Have fun.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach