Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Better Times Make Us Unhappy

Times have never been better. Websites typically load in fractions of a second. We can zip through the sky and cross entire continents for the price of a three-course meal and a nice bottle of wine. And microwaves can heat an ice cold bowl of soup in under 60 seconds.

We’ve never been faster. Yet we’re more impatient than ever.


Because progress is giving us false hope. Every time a technological leap stretches our limits a little further, we feel as if we can completely break free of our limits and become limitless.

We’re not in awe if Amazon promises to deliver our package tomorrow. We’re annoyed that we can’t have it today. And if same-day delivery was the norm, we’d be frustrated that we couldn’t have it now.

The more tech gives us, the more impatient we get.

We’re insatiable.

So unless it’s instant, reality always feels outdated or too slow.

“They can put a man on the moon, but they can’t connect my phone to this wifi hotspot?”

“They can split the atom, but they can’t make my flight run on time?”

No wonder everyone is anxious and depressed. Everyone is thinking at warp speed but driving a Ford Corolla. 

So how do you slow down your thinking and achieve a semblance of peace?

By snapping out of it.

You can’t force the world to go at the speed you want it to. No matter how hard you honk your horn, the traffic jam won’t magically budge and move on just for you. 

So drop the fantasies and embrace reality: things take the time they take. 

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach