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Cheats, Cannibals And Atheists

The United States has had a total of 45 presidents and not one of them was an atheist. In fact, throughout history, only one self-identified atheist has gotten into American politics. That low number is more than a statistical anomaly, it’s strategy.

Americans don’t vote for atheists.

A 2019 poll showed that 4 out of 10 people were unwilling to vote an atheist into high office. Even a Muslim was more likely to enter the White House. Which almost makes you think a group of atheists flew into the Towers. 

Bad jokes aside, a 2014 survey found that Americans would prefer a candidate who had zero political experience, or someone who cheats on his wife, than an atheist president.

As if it wasn’t already clear that atheists are seen as the scum of the earth, a study from 2011 removes all doubt. 

Roughly 800 participants read a story about a man who flees the scene after backing into a parked car and who later steals money out of a wallet. Next, the participants were asked if the driver was more likely to be a teacher, an atheist teacher, or a rapist teacher. 

The majority picked the atheist teacher. Apparently, many folks feel rapists are more kind than people who reject the idea of an invisible Man in the sky.

That suspicion toward non-believers also comes from the non religious.

Why do so many people find atheists suspect?

Because they don’t fear God. Without the feeling of a Cosmic force looking over their shoulder, they don’t necessarily have the same moral obligations. Atheists live according to their own rules.

And that frightens people.

Can you trust someone who isn’t bound by the Ten Commandments or the Five Buddhist precepts?

Of course, if you have faith in the inherent goodness of human beings. And that’s the real issue here: not everyone believes we have a natural inclination toward compassion, generosity, and love. 

Many believe that without supervision, we revert back to primitive beasts. Which couldn’t be further from the truth, non-believers do good too, just for different reasons.

My reason is simple: life is tough enough as it is, let’s be kind to make it easier.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach