Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Considerably Creative Questions

What is it like to fall asleep and never wake up again?

Because you can’t have an image of nothing, imagining a dreamless sleep seems useless. Yet I find this brain-teaser to be oddly useful.

Because as you rack your brain on visualising non-existence, you must also rethink your views on plain-existence.

And as you continue this mental exercise, you will rekindle your childlike sense of wonder and discover that ordinary living is kind of weird. That which you thought was mundane is actually much more peculiar than you thought—except you stopped noticing it.

If a friend asks you, “What did you do yesterday?” your answer will most likely be a summary of yesterday’s most significant events.

But you obviously lived a more colourful life than your words paint.

You didn’t mention how your morning coffee danced with your nose as you were waiting for it to brew. You left out the sounds of the cars and their rumbling engines as you drove to work. And you forgot to say how pretty the sun looked as it pushed aside the clouds in the sky.

And for good reason, there’s no time for that. You’d be talking until the cows come home.

But hopefully, you were aware of it. If not, it might be worthwhile to exercise your brain with silly questions.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach