Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Customers Don’t Come First

Almost all the mission statements of big global corporations dedicate a sentence or two to putting the customer first. Lip service, of course. But even if you’re sincere about it, the motto still doesn’t make sense.

Because if you’d always put customers first, you’d be in the philanthropy business. 

Admirable, but not profitable.

So what do the best profit-making companies do?

They prioritise the folks who actually do the work, the employees: copywriters, waiters, delivery people, nurses, teachers, technicians and cleaners.

Your employees are your companies’ most important asset.

The level of trust that you give to your people on the front line is what ultimately dictates whether your organisation will succeed or fail.

Don’t gloss over the people who make it all happen.

If you genuinely care about the customers, put your employees first. That way they’ll want to embrace your vision and take care of the customers.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach