Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Decision-making Made Easy

Should you get up or hit the snooze button for 10 extra minutes of Z’s? Should you upgrade to wireless or prepare to disentangle your earphones for the zillionth time? Should you finally fold away your laundry that’s been drying in your hallway for the past two weeks?

Every day we’re faced with simple choices that can profoundly impact our lives. Usually, it’s a choice between a short and guilty pleasure now or a lasting and generative pleasure in the future.

How do you make the choice any easier? With Suzy Welch’s 10-10-10 method.

When struggling to make a choice, she wants you to ask yourself: what will the consequences be if you continue down the familiar path in ten minutes, ten months and ten years?

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach