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Even The Greatest Champions Didn’t Do It Alone

Eliud Kipchoge made history when he ran a marathon in under two hours and shattered the century old record by a full 20 seconds.

An incredible feat. 

To give you an idea how fast Kipchoge ran that day, hop onto a treadmill and set the speed to 21 kilometres per hour. Now keep that up for 119 minutes and 40 seconds.

Breaking the old record on a treadmill is of course not the same as what Kipchoge did in Berlin.

It’s far more difficult.

As impressive as Kipchoge’s marathon was, it’s important to recognize that he didn’t do it alone. In fact, he probably couldn’t. 

Not only was the Kenyan runner assisted by 41 pacemakers, he was also supported by the cheers of thousands of people.

People that Kipchoge invited to his world record attempt, because he knew their support would help him run faster. 

Which brings us to today’s take away.

If the world’s best long distance runner is humble enough to ask the help of others, you ought to be too.

There’s no shame in getting help when you’re trying to achieve something difficult. It’s a sign of strength.

So if the world’s greatest champions didn’t do it alone, why should you?

P.S. If you missed Kipchoge cross the finish line the first time, watch him run the last kilometre here.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach