Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Finding The Perfect Employee

Even if you’re a perfect fit for an organisation, your job application may not even get you an interview.

Meet Tomas. 

Tomas is the head of the IT department for a mid-sized organisation and needs a new systems manager. So he sends word to HR and waits for candidates.

After a month of scouring job boards, advertising and head hunting, the turnup is less than ideal. Tomas only interviews a handful of candidates and none are suitable for the job.

Surprised with the low amount of write-ins, Tomas visits the HR department to find out why nobody is applying.

It turns out dozens of people have been applying, but HR only notified Tomas of the people who scored well.

Scored well on what?

The personality test. An assessment to weed out non-performers.

While there are no correct answers, the results suggest whether the candidate is right for the job.

Intrigued by the accuracy of the test, Tomas flips through the papers of the rejected applicants and is shocked to find someone with an outstanding resume.

Now doubting the legitimacy of the personality test, Tomas takes the test himself. 

And scores terribly. 

Based on his results, HR would not give Tomas an interview for his own job. Even though he’s great at what he does.

Despite his results, HR insists the test works and that Tomas is simply an anomaly.

Tomas then persuades the rest of his IT department to take the test. 

Although not everyone did as poorly as Tomas, one thing is clear: the personality test is as good at predicting candidate success as reading the entrails of a sacrificed goat. 

For entrepreneurs in search of the perfect employee: spend as much time on your candidates as you do on choosing your car. There is no shortcut.

So rather than hiring on the basis of a test and one or two interviews, hire on the basis of an internship or multiple paid work assignments.

For job seekers: have a remarkable online portfolio that gets companies to reach out to you. Plus, get chummy with the staff from your favorite organisations so you don’t need to jump through hoops.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach