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Free Designer Watches

You see an ad for a chic black watch. Ion-plated stainless steel, textured crown and silicone strap. The twist? It’s been marked down from eighty bucks to zero.

The ad reads, “Just pay shipping.”

And because you’re sensible, you recognise it’s a scam and move on.

I didn’t.

I shelled ten clams and after five weeks of waiting, got a watch. Even if it’s nothing like promised.

So what’s in it for the scammer?

Is ten dollars in shipping enough to warrant the building of a fully functioning website, paying for ads, and buying and shipping crappy watches?

Turns out, yes.

Using Shopify—Wordpress for cyber shops—and AliExpress—a Chinese online dollar store—you can build a working, professional web page in minutes.

Just select what you want to sell on AliExpress and Shopify pulls in the images and description onto your site. All you do next is set your price.

Once an order comes in, you simply place an order on AliExpress.

Your customer gets the product and you didn’t even touch the merchandise.

Reselling goods without an inventory is called dropshipping. 

And although dropshipping allows people to turn a profit from 10-dollar shipping costs, the money is only step one of the scam.

Think about it.

Only the first to an untapped market can reap the benefits. And because dropshipping is so easy, it won’t be long before your competitors set up shop and kill demand.

Plus dropshippers need to deal with refunds. And if you can’t speak Chinese with your shipper, you’ll probably have to eat the return costs.

Despite these stumbling blocks, there are dropshippers who claim they earn millions.

And these pros are happy to sell their secrets for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

The big secret?

Con people into believing drop shipping is easy money.

That’s the real hustle. 

Only the first dropshippers cashed in on the “free” watch. Now dropshipping is as hard a job as any.

Dropshipping success is a bluff. And the courses are the swindle. Don’t fall for it.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach