Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Getting Fortune To Smile Upon you

We all know that appearance impacts how others perceive us. But many of us still underestimate the importance of fashion despite all the evidence pointing in the other direction.

Hillary Clinton delivered a speech on education, but the only thing that people remembered was that she showed a wee bit of her cleavage. A journalist who reported on one of the first women to fly faster than the speed of sound thought it was important to mention she wore ‘high-heeled pumps’. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent Twitter into a frenzy by changing her hairdo. 

And it’s not just women who get judged on their clothes. 

It’s everyone.

In 2014, Obama seemed to be guilty of one of the worst scandals in presidential history for wearing a tan suit. And if Obama had worn his tie over his collar during the debates against McCain, he’d probably never have been elected president.

Although seemingly trivial, clothes make all the difference.

It’s the soundtrack to your life. 

So make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. And groomed, clipped, lotioned, fragranced, postured up, and pleasant of breath.

That way people will automatically be friendlier and more likely to think highly of you.

So what do you wear?

Once upon a time, you had no choice. The fashions were decided for you and stepping out of line led would get you ostracised.

Today, however, you have the freedom to pick almost any style you like.

Whatever style you choose, it’s recommended you go for something that will let you walk into a 5-star hotel without being hassled.

If you adhere to the fancy hotel dress code, you’ll look so sharp that fortune will definitely smile upon you.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach