Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Give Away Your Darlings

We have a problem. Our definition of greatness is flawed: it leaves out the most special kind of people.

Greatness is usually defined through numbers in the form of money, assets, fame, skill, and impact. 

To be great, your figures must be higher than most.

But not all things of value can be rated and compared. Because to compare anything, you need two.

And what if you’re the only one?

Then you’ve reached the pinnacle of greatness.

How do you become the only?

By giving your best projects and ideas away. 

Everyone is thirsting for the next big thing. And if people take on your idea, good riddance, it’s not for you.

You want to continue to hand out freebies until eventually, you’ll have a gig that nobody goes for. 

Does everyone reject your cockamie idea, no matter how well you sell it?


You finally have something special on your hands. And nobody will race against you.

Don’t be the best. Be the only.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach