Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Guilt-free Boundary Setting

We can’t create more time, but we can say no to things that waste our time. That often means disappointing some people.

Does that idea make you feel a little guilty?

Then you’re misunderstanding what boundary setting is. It’s not an act of rudeness. It’s a nonnegotiable part of self-care that, if done well, actually enhances your relationships.

By turning down something that’s not right for you and coming up with an alternative, you prevent resentment from harming your connection.

Now you both get what you want.

Just make sure to understand what you’re rejecting first. If it’s a personal and meaningful request that you can easily recover from, it’s almost always best to be a friend and suck it up.

Take care of yourself when you need to. And support others when you can.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach