Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Habits And Views That Doom Relationships

To master the art of being unhappy in your love life and making your partner feel the same, follow these rules:

  • Ignore the childhood events that shaped how you think about love and healthy communication;
  • Believe that your feelings, rather than your reasoning will help you identify the right partner;
  • Pick someone because you think they understand you;
  • Never share when you’re annoyed or disappointed with your beloved;
  • See your occasional feelings of disenchantment as a sign that you’re not a fit;
  • Trust that other couples are as happy as they let on;
  • View your relationship as a game of Tug of War and firmly stand your ground at all costs;
  • Invest in the longevity of your relationship by buying chocolates, flowers and holiday trips, rather than a session with a marriage counsellor;
  • Keep track of all your partner’s flaws;
  • Change your perception of your significant other based on how they fill the dishwasher or clean up the bathroom;
  • Recognise that you put far more effort into the relationship than your companion;
  • Insist that love is supposed to be unconditional and get angry at your partner for trying to change your unalluring habits;
  • Notice how your sex life is infrequent and nothing like you see in porn videos;
  • Consistently compare the relationship’s low points to its high points;
  • Assume that you’re a delight to live with. 
By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach