Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

How Can You Get Ahead At Work?

Staying late at the office isn’t a badge of honor. It’s dumb.

Pulling all nighters doesn’t mean you get more work done.

You just work longer hours.

Hours that could be spent with your loved ones.

Working overtime by default actually creates more problems than it fixes.

For starters, hitting the grind isn’t sustainable.

Burnout will get you.

And when it does, it’s going to hit you like a freight train.

So why do we continue to solve problems by throwing more hours at them?

One reason is because our society has a bias toward backbreaking work.

Nobody enjoys burning the midnight oil. But we enjoy feeling like heroes the day after.

Showing up early and leaving late leaves no doubt of our commitment.

Yet while real heroes save the day, workaholics make their colleagues feel inept and guilty for working efficiently and finishing on time.

Hardly a boost for office morale.

Another reason people put in too much time, is because it’s easy to strong arm your way through a problem.

Elegantly solving a problem on schedule, however, is hard.

Put simply, plodders are intellectually lazy.

Although they may call themselves perfectionists. 

Which is code for dawdling on details that have little to no impact on the organisation’s bottom line.

In sum, workaholics aren’t more productive than Joe Sixpack.

Success is not about working long hours.

It’s about focus and finding work that moves the needle forward. 

And once you finish what you set out to do, you are free to quit.

But because we’ve watched one too many motivational speeches, we believe we have to work all the time to make it big.

And you just don’t.

Perhaps we should stop calling it hard work.

Let’s call it useful. Worthwhile. 

Anything that draws a link to quality as opposed to quantity.

Because the world has enough dumb, we want valuable.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach