Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Knock Yourself Out

We’re in 16th century Madrid and the king and queen of Spain are about to change the world.

But first they have to get out of bed.

Awoken by a knock on his chamber door, King Ferdinand orders the guard to let the nuisance in.

A butler rushes into the bedroom and whispers something into his majesty’s ear.

Ferdinand turns to the queen and shakes her awake. “Izzy,” says the king to his wife “the Italian lunatic is back again. It’s been 8 years… I don’t think he’s going to give up. Let’s just give Christopher what he wants.”

After putting on their most fancy robes and crowns, the two monarchs walked down to the royal court.

Before Christopher could even get in a word, the king said, “Chris, I’ve been thinking about this trade route idea of yours. And I’ve decided I like it.”

“If you leave now, you can have three of my ships. Sail them off the edge of the world for all I care. Just don’t come back until you’ve got something to show for it.”

Columbus returned with the discovery of the New World.

Ferdinand and Isabella had no idea if Chris would ever return. And with the Spanish coffers bursting at the seams, they really didn’t care

But the monarchs did unintentionally care about being good leaders.

Good leaders recognise talent and enable the talented to freely discover their greatness.

As if to say, “I know you can reach amazing heights. Here’s a springboard. Knock yourself out, champ.”

P.S. I’m romanticising Columbus’ talents to drive home a point. He was a pretty rotten apple, even by old standards. Watch this brilliant TED-ed on Columbus for more.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach