Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Modest Goals Win

Most of us make a crucial mistake when we try to change our habits for the better. We’re over-optimistic. 

Not only do we expect to make better choices tomorrow than we do today, we also believe that we can drastically change our lives.

From smoking to not smoking. From zero workouts to many workouts. From a donut-guzzling diet to a chlorella-snorting diet.

We may be able to keep this up for a while, but as time goes on and our motivation starts to dwindle, it doesn’t take much to go back to our old ways.

To revolutionise your life, you need more than willpower.

It demands patience, grit and kindness.

The patience to be satisfied with small, incremental change. The kindness to embrace setbacks in your progress. And the grit to keep going when things get tough.

You don’t need massive action to change your life, modest action is plenty if you keep it up long enough.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach