Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Not Even A Tumbleweed

I didn’t think it would happen. But now, January 1st 2019, after writing over a hundred blog posts, the creative juices of my brain have dried up.

Not an original idea left.

Fortunately, there’s no such thing as originality. All trailblazing works build on what came before.

Even the creation of the cosmos—some-thing—was inspired by the void of no-thing.

Anything new is at best a mashup: a reconfiguration of one or more old ideas.

And just because you don’t know the source of your creation, doesn’t mean it’s original.

Your brain-child might be original to you, but to the world it’s simply a refined remix.

Once you know it’s impossible to be original, you stop trying and start playing.

After all, if there’s no method for striking gold, you may as well have some fun while you carelessly flail about.

And if you play enough, the good stuff will come.

P.S. You can also steal stuff. Check out Austin Kleon’s ‘Steal Like An Artist’ for more.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach