Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Same Input, Different Output

Reading the reviews of Fifty Shades of Grey, Amazon’s best-selling book of all time, will blow you away. And fry a couple of your brain cells.

Most voters give it five stars. They adore the novel and even bought copies for friends.

The second largest group of voters gives it one star. They crucify the author, the prose and the fanbase.

What gives? How does one book reach people so deeply and differently?


People love to be right and will do anything to reinforce and uphold their beliefs.

If you think books should be light, erotic and have a happy ending, the novel hit the nail right on the head. You couldn’t be more thankful.

Do you believe books ought to revolve around more than sex? Then the novel will rub you the wrong way and drive you to reach for your pitchfork.

The opposing reviews have nothing to do with the best seller.

The cult classic simply gave people the opportunity to express their beliefs before they even read a single word.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach