Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

School’s Out Forever

Not only is that the title of Alice Cooper’s first major hit single, but it also shows a very poor attitude.

Considering the song’s success, it’s clearly an opinion that was shared by many. And it still is.

Which means our school systems are failing—our kids are not being taught to embrace curiosity.

Teenagers still largely see learning as a burden.

Which is a terrible blunder.

Forget convincing kids to just ‘hang in there’ and get a college degree. Even doctors spend more years outside of school than inside.

And if you go to your graduation expecting ‘no more pencils, no more books,’ you’re finished.

You’ll run into a problem at work and figure, “That’s not my job, let someone else do it.”

Whereas we need people who go, “Wow. I’ve never seen that before. Let me figure it out.”

Schools need to cultivate lifelong learners.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach