Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Self-Made People Don’t Exist

One of the cornerstones of the American Dream is that any individual, regardless of their background, can make it big. The trick? A combination of hard work and self-sacrifice.

Did you launch yourself to greatness using nothing but your own grit and tenacity? Then you can officially call yourself a self-made person.

And dupe everyone.

You see, nobody gets anywhere by themselves. Everything we do in life depends on the work done by others.

The language you speak? Taught to you by your caretakers and invented by people dozens of centuries ago.

The knowledge you hold? Most of it has been passed onto you by teachers, books and Tik Tok videos.

The items you own? Made by someone else or with outside help. 

Your first dollar? Probably given to you by the tooth fairy.

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to do anything purely by yourself. 

Even if you walk out the door wearing a homespun woolen outfit that you cut off your own sheep using a pair of shears that you forged yourself, you still can’t leave your home without walking down a road that someone else paved.

Your entire existence is made possible by the work of others. Left to ourselves most of us couldn’t even make a chicken sandwich.

You are not self-made. We’re all working for each other.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach