Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Simplifying The Creative Process

Whether you’re a writer, musician, artist or someone just trying to get better, there will be days where you won’t feel like doing anything. And because your brain’s low on mojo, you reckon no good will come out of trying.


Sure, your session may not lead to anything worth sharing. But that’s not the point. Practice is.

It’s foolish to think every attempt should amount to a new song, painting or chapter in your new novel. That’s impossible. 

But what is more than possible, unavoidable even, is that your attempt will inch you closer to your goal.

If it took you 180 days to learn Schumann’s Wild Rider, does that mean that the 179 days you were making a racket were wasted?


Don’t look at the time you sit down as an isolated event that must produce results. You’ll either create something good or get closer to it.

But first you must make a crucial decision. You must decide what you are. 

Are you a pianist? Because they play every day. Are you a runner? Because they run every day. Or are you a dabbler? They practice when they feel like it.

Choose whoever you want to be so you don’t have to negotiate with yourself. 

Now you don’t have to question if you’ll sit down for rehearsal. You already decided. So it’s not a matter of ‘Should I?’ but of ‘When and how long?’

Being creative is only as difficult as you make it.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach