Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Spooky Foundations

Stuff is not as solid as it looks.

Let us use an ordinary desk as our example.

On the outer level, the desk seems to be a single, solid object. And whatever you put on top of the desk does not go through it. Not even water, air or light.* Which are one of the finest stuffs we can detect without using instruments.

But when we look at the desk with the assistance of instruments, we see something very different from before.

On the inner level, the desk is no longer a single, solid object. But it’s an arrangement of countless objects which are somehow held together in space.

Knowing a desk—or any other stuff—is both solid and space makes us scratch our heads. Because what is holding it together? What are we missing?

The relationship between solid and space.

But that relationship is very difficult for us to understand. For we tend to think in opposites: something is either solid or space, not both.

And it’s that way of thinking which prevents us from understanding how stuff actually works. Because on the subatomic level, solids can turn into space and space can turn into a solid.

It seems like our everyday, solid reality rests on top of a spooky intangible reality.

This goes against all that we feel to be true, yet that’s the way it is.

* Light is a special case, because it’s generally considered a wave (which I refer to as space) that also has the properties of a solid.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach