Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

That Can’t Be A Coincidence!

You just pitched your tent and pounded the final stake into the ground. You hear a car rolling up on the gravel behind you, so you turn around and see a large maroon pickup truck with someone hanging out the window.

It’s Bob from IT. As you lock eyes, he says, “How crazy is it that we ran into each other here. That can’t be a coincidence!”

Or how about the discovery 10-year-old Annie made, after she found out Billie Eilish—her second favorite musician—spent a month working on her new album in the same cabin she’s staying in now.

“That can’t be a coincidence! It must have some deeper meaning!”

No, Annie. It only means that you don’t understand coincidence.

“Hmpf! Well, what about recently, where Chad from 12th grade texted me on the exact moment I was thinking of him! Are you telling me that’s not weird?”

Nope. It’s not, Annie.

You probably thought of many friends that day: Sarah, Emma, Brittney, Sophia, and Skid Mark Jim. And they also thought of their closest buddies. Especially the buddies who they frequently text.

If all these people are commonly thinking of each other and sending each other messages, it’s not strange that the two occasionally overlap, and that you get a text from someone who was just on your mind.

That’s not weird, that’s math.

Every day, billions of people are interacting with the world in thousands of different ways. With enough time even the most implausible event, such as Nicholas Cage turning down a movie role, will happen.

What’d be really bizarre, is if you never had an event that surprised you. If you never bumped into a colleague from IT at a campsite, never got a text from a friend you’re thinking of, or never saw that birthmark on your old history teacher’s bosom that looks eerily similar to your neighbour’s labradoodle.

Of course, it’d be fun if it wasn’t a coincidence. And who is to say it isn’t? Perhaps a higher power really is reaching out to you anonymously.

Looking for meaning behind life’s biggest surprises will definitely turn your life into an adventure. Will you take on the challenge?

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach