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The More We Learn, The Smaller We Get

We’re not that special.

The center of attention is not Earth but the Sun. And of all the planets that orbit the Sun, we’re not even close to the biggest.

To make matters worse, our Solar System is tucked away in a quiet arm of the Milky Way. About 100.000 light years away from the heart of our galaxy.

What’s more, we can’t visit any planets beyond the Local Group which our galaxy is a part of.


Because those planets are gravitationally bound to other groups of space. And as the universe expands, these other bundles of space are floating away from us at speeds we can’t ever hope to match. Even by traveling close to the speed of light.

In other words: we can only explore a fraction of the observable universe.

Over 95% is off limits.

And if that wasn’t depressing enough, the galaxies of the Local Group are on a course to violently crash into each other, forming a gargantuan galaxy.

If we manage to stick around that long, we might get to witness another historic event.

For one day, all celestial bodies outside our Local Group will be so far away that even the most powerful telescope can’t see them. And it’ll be pitch black in all directions.

Future generations won’t be able to see the radiation of the Big Bang and will mistake their hulking galaxy for the entire universe

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By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach