Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

The Most Important Step To Mastery

Once upon a time, there lived a young boy who dreamt of becoming the world’s best wrestler. But the village’s only teacher crushed his dreams by denying to take him on.

“Maybe when you grow up,” said the teacher.

Years later the child returned with a fit and trained body.

“Please, master. Show me your ninety-nine tricks. I beg you.”

“Look at me,” replied the master. “I’m old and frail. Besides, I’m not interested.”

But the young man kept hounding the master until he gave in.

“Look, son. I’ll teach you my ninety-nine tricks under one condition. You must promise not to challenge me and use my tricks against me—students always do. And with my worn-out body, you’ll crush my every bone.”

“Anything!” shrieked the young man with tears in his eyes. “I promise never to challenge you!”

Reluctantly, the master started the young man’s training. Once the pupil mastered the ninety-ninth trick, he left to become the world champion.

Which he did. Coined the ‘best wrestler alive’ he returned to his teacher to celebrate.

The old man was eager to invite his former student into his home and congratulated him on his victory.

As he received his teacher’s praise, the champ’s face turned fierce. He then locked the door behind him and turned to the old man.

“I knew you’d do this. That’s why I didn’t want to teach you in the first place.”

The champion grinned. “C’mon, old man. I won’t hurt you. I just want to see what you’re made of.”

The young man got into his stance and charged the master.

With the grace and agility of a lion, the old man swept up the champ and threw him out the window. 

A crumpled up ball of limbs and clothes moaned up from the street below, “You didn’t show me that one.”

“That was number one hundred,” chuckled the old man.

Any guide, book, or course can share as many tricks as it likes. But it’ll always miss the most important trick of all: experience.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach