Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

The Real Lottery Prize

The Powerball jackpot falls every time. If you have the guts to take the leap, you may be the lucky winner of $200 million.

Though statistically speaking, you won’t.

And you know this.

So why do so many of us buy lottery tickets?

Firstly, it’s cheap. You can participate for the low price of three bucks.

Although the costs are usually more.

Over time, those three dollars grow to a staggeringly big number. Unlike the Powerball people, you’re not thinking about what it costs to play for 20 consecutive years.

You’re thinking about how today’s three clams may make you $30 million tomorrow.

And the Lottery Association wants to keep it that way.

In reality, you’re more likely to survive a plane crash, be elected president of the United States, or be crushed by a meteorite

So although the Powerball is sold as the American Dream, it’s actually a scam.

Nothing new, I know.

So why do we go through the trouble of buying lottery tickets, instead of sliding our hard earned bills into the shredder?

Because home-made confetti isn’t as fun!

More than a shot at riches, the lottery is a game.

Huddling around your TV and watching those balls form the winning number is a thrill. And that surge of adrenaline is well worth the three bucks.

The lottery also gives us hope. A chance to make it big. And is seen by some as an instant ticket to happiness.

If the alternative is a nagging feeling of being left behind, three bucks for peace of mind is an easy sell.

The real prize of the lottery isn’t the money, but the kicks of possibility.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach