Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

The Safest Investment With The Best ROI

Investing seems like a great idea. What could be better than letting your money grow while you do nothing? Instead of working your ass off in the office, you let your money do the work.

Sadly, it’s not that easy. Investing is risky.

In fact, the odds of losing money are often greater than the odds of making money. But having your money laze about isn’t smart either. Inflation will slowly gobble up your hard earned cash.

So what do you?

You could get into real estate, but only if you have a fat bank account. The stock market is a cheaper option. But we already know that the stock market is a game that’s played most effectively by blindfolded, dart-throwing monkeys.

I propose something far more effective:

Forget property. Forget Wall Street. Consider writing.

As we sprint to a literate world—literacy levels have climbed from 12% to 86% in the last hundred years—the solution for more wealth is simple: learn to write.

I can already hear your counter-arguments: “Readers are swapping books for headphones.” “AI can turn my text to speech.” “People don’t read, they scan.”

True, but that doesn’t matter. Learn to write.

Sure, you could study to be a pilot, surgeon, lawyer, or software engineer. But if those professions don’t lie within the grasp of your skill set, you’ve probably already convinced yourself that line of work isn’t for you.

The beauty of writing?

It lifts you to the top of your industry.

If you’re an artist, you’ll be able to tell your story with gusto.

If you’re a programmer, you’ll be able to communicate your projects to everyone.

If you’re looking for a job, you’ll stand out from all the applicants who don’t have a trail of blog posts and articles on the internet.

“Writing is thinking on paper. Anyone who thinks clearly should be able to write clearly—about any subject at all.”

Writing is your opportunity to be part of a valuable minority. And you don’t even need a degree or $1,300 MacBook. Just a pen and paper.

Writing has a greater return on investment than any bought asset because it shows the world you can think, argue, and persuade.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach