Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

The Tire Swing

Organisations love to write reports until they’re blue in the face. But while documents take forever to make, they only take seconds to misunderstand.

Leading to confusion, anger, or crashing a million dollar probe into the surface of Mars.

While talking may seem simple, communicating effectively is extremely difficult.

Imagine a conversation as a game of catch.

But instead of a traditional ball, you’re tossing around a glob of clay.

As each person catches the glob, the clay changes shape to match the catcher’s perspective.

Toss the clay back and forth enough, and your conversation turns into mush.

The problem?

People can keep using the same words, making it seem like everyone is talking about the same thing.

But inside their heads, people are seeing a totally different image.

The tire swing cartoon highlights the pitfalls of poor communication perfectly.

Every department interprets the swing differently. 

To communicate effectively, remove unnecessary layers.

If possible, don’t rely on words, blueprints and sketches.

Make it visual.

Draw a picture or build a prototype.

Avoid miscommunication and get as close to the real as you can.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach