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Turning Lies Into Truths

Back in 2017, Wall Street Journal editor said he won’t call Donald Trump’s false statements lies. Lying, he said, requires a deliberate intention to mislead, which couldn’t be proven in Trump’s case.

Fair enough. 

You could also argue that other politicians have voiced their fair share of lies. Why crucify Trump for his stake in misinformation? He’s no different from his peers.


Not quite. Trump has spread an amount of false statements that’s unprecedented in American politics.

In 2018, Trump averaged 15 false claims a day. That’s almost 5.500 factual flubs a year.

And it’s not like he’s entirely unaware of his fabrications. Trump told donors at a fundraiser that he’d invented a fact in a conversation with the Canadian prime minister.

The founder of PolitiFact said about the orange president, “He seems so willing to say whatever suits him at that moment regardless of whether it’s true.”

Trump’s falsehoods are off the charts and he seems to get away with it.

How does he do it?

First, Trump throws a lie into the ether.

Naturally, the experts come forward and label his claim as false.

So Trump snubs the experts and calls them out for spreading fake news. But not before repeating the lie a bunch more in his speeches and Twitter feed, arguing that the information comes from ‘many people’.

Then the media gets involved. Since most major networks want to seem unbiased, they massage the truth and call his lie a ‘contested fact’. 

Not giving a crap, Trump repeats his fabrication even more until it gets picked up by his followers who launch it into Republican cyberspace.

As the lie gains traction, the news outlets have to act as a counterweight and strengthen their original statement. The contested fact is promoted to ‘controversy.’

But it’s too late. Polls show that a growing number of Americans, especially Republicans, believe Trump’s lie to be true.

Seeing that the lie is getting out of hand, the media again step up their game and say that Trump’s lie is creating an ‘untraditional partisan divide’.

By now the public doesn’t know what to think. Most of America is confused about what to believe.

Trump won. Only because the media was too chicken to speak up at the start. 

Lies need to be reported as lies, or else they become truths.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach