Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

You Don’t Need Everyone

2020’s top grossing movie was Bad Boys For Life and is thought to have sold about 116 million tickets. That equates to a haul of over one billion dollars. Not bad.

But even if every ticket was bought by someone else, that still means 98,5% of the world population didn’t see Will Smith beat up bad guys on the big screen.

Suppose you have the world’s biggest Instagram following—that means you’re Portuguese footballer and superstar Cristiano Ronaldo—over 95% of mankind still wouldn’t know what you had for breakfast.

And what if you were a former United States president turned best selling author? (There’s a few of those, take your pick.) You probably did quite well for yourself and sold anywhere from one to two million copies of your memoire. 

Pretty good. But even if the world magically shrank to the size of Kansas, you still didn’t reach everyone.

And that’s fine.

You don’t need everyone. And you sure as heck don’t need to dumb your message down to appeal to the most common denominator.

Stay true to your niche. All you need is a little over zero percent market share.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach