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A False Sense Of Security

A bit over five years ago, 193 countries agreed to reduce CO2 emissions so that Earth’s rising temperature wouldn’t climb more than two degrees celsius within the next century. A failure to reach that goal would likely mean risking ecological disaster.

Melting permafrost, burning forests, rising sea levels, more hurricanes and tornadoes, the works. The planet will basically turn hostile and look like something out of Jumanji. (Don’t fact check that.)

So how are we doing?

According to the latest Climate Conference of 2021, not very good.

Climate scientists calculated that at this pace, the climate will be going up by about 2,4 degrees celsius over the next 100 years. So we’re already falling short on our agreement.

The weirdest of all?

No major news network seems to be overly concerned. Yet with the threat of coral reefs disappearing, water levels rising, and crop yields shrinking, you’d half expect the situation to be treated like a speeding comet headed for the White House.

It’s pretty serious business. Much like the Covid-pandemic. 

So if that gets regular attention on the news, why not also inform us about the climate?

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach