Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Remove 7 From The Scale

Nowadays almost everything is rated and compared to its closest counterpart. Incredibly useful. But also incredibly useless when the rating lands on 7/10.

It’s so ambiguous. What does it even mean? 

It’s better than a pass, but worse than a strong endorsement.

Does a rating of 7 convince you to go to a restaurant or see a movie? Not unless you’re out of options and crave something new.

When you’re looking for something, 7 is code for safe. It doesn’t promise excitement, it just protects you from disaster.

And when you’re asking for someone’s opinion, 7 usually means they’re being polite. 

That’s why it’s largely an unhelpful response. You still don’t know if they like it or not.

To remove all ambiguity when you want someone’s 1 out of 10, remove 7. Don’t keep it an option.

Now they have to reveal if they think it’s good or bad.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach