Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

A Good Start To The New Year

It’s a new year and that means creating and following through on our resolutions. We all know, however, that setting new habits is difficult. And that failing to meet our goals makes us bitter and upset.

The very opposite of why we promised to better ourselves in the first place.

So rather than believing this is the year that we’ll finally quit smoking, get in shape, and live life to the fullest, it might be wiser to curb our enthusiasm and keep our expectations low.

It prepares us for the worst. Protects us against disappointment. And gives us enough distance from our incompetence to laugh at ourselves.

This doesn’t mean to give up on our ambitions and accept how hopeless we are. It simply means that we won’t take our New Year’s resolutions so seriously, so that we can fill the gap between what is and what could be with laughter instead of tears.

Life already gives us plenty of reasons to be unhappy. Why add another one to the pile? 

It’s easier to be content when we treat our resolutions as nice-to-haves instead of must-haves.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach