Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

A Living Ghost

In 1992, a Romanian man left for Turkey to provide for his wife and daughter. When he came back to Romania almost 30 years later, he found out he was dead.

This is the story of 63-year-old, Constantin Reliu. 

When Reliu heard of his passing, he was dumbstruck. The customs officer who was checking his passport, however, looked smug. He thought he’d just caught an illegal alien.

Reliu was immediately thrown in the airport detention center. After six hours of interrogation and identification checks, he was free to go.

But not before hearing why he was dead.

His wife registered him as deceased after she stopped getting his cheques. And since Reliu cut off all ties after he caught her cheating, the death certificate was easy to get.

Although Reliu was now freed from airport jail, his troubles had just begun.

His return from the grave got him an earful from his now 30-something-year-old daughter, put his mother into the hospital, and made it impossible for him to get benefits or a job.

Reliu couldn’t even treat his diabetes because doctors don’t take on patients without health cards. 

Although Reliu was only dead in name, he was close to becoming wormfood. After getting nowhere with the local government officials, Reliu was left with one option to resurrect himself: the law.

But when Reliu went to overturn his death certificate in court, he lost because he appealed too late. So as he sat before the judge, he was declared legally dead.

We create the world we live in. Let’s not create a world where the rules eclipse common sense.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach