Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

A Reality Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

Words have a hypnotic quality.

If you are not careful, you can be hypnotised into believing words are real.

That is to say, mistake the label for reality.

But words are merely signposts that exist for purposes of communication.

And signposts don’t interfere with the object they point to.

Knowing the word for something, thus, does not take away its beauty.

Which means an explanation for something—a collection of words—does not either.

Which is why I find it frustrating when people say scientists takes away from the wonder of the world.

The starry night sky is no less magical when its lights can be explained.

A star is a shining ball of gas. And there is nothing plain or mundane about it.

Stars are actually much more extraordinary than we could have imagined.

Every star is as big and bright as our own. Imagine how far away they must be to resemble a twinkling pinprick of light.

And even though a star’s light travels very fast, its rays still take time to reach us. Some stars are so far away that their light traveled over a century to enter your eyes.

Looking into space means looking back in time.

Claiming science reduces life’s marvels is foolish, for the universe is far more marvelous than we could ever imagine.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach