Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

No Thanks, I Have Had Sufficient

The one thing all people can agree on is that they want to survive. Otherwise they would have already checked out.

But for some, surviving has become a must. A duty to be completed.

And when they find out their their material bodies will die, they look for another way of completing their duty.

Some turn to the spiritual, thinking: “The material world is a temporary trick. It is the spiritual world which is the real deal. There I will go on forever.”

Whether the material is more or less real than the spiritual is of no interest to me.

What I am interested in knowing is:

If there is more coming, what are you going to be doing with it?

Is there such a thing as enough?

Or will the idea of better things to come keep you wanting to go on forever?

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach