Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

There Is No Spoon

The spiritual movement sold us on the idea that it is possible to act without ego.

To act free from any mental blocks.

No attachments, no fears, no suffering, no hesitation.

You can live the life you have always wanted … if you just follow a spiritual practice.

What an amazing sales pitch.

Because when you look at yourself, you find you have all of those hang ups.

So you start meditating, join a yoga class, perhaps a mindfulness retreat or two.

All under the assumption that, if you work hard enough, your mental restraints will eventually come undone.

But however vigorously you follow your spiritual practice, that moment never seems to come.

And so you wonder: “What is the trick that I’m not getting?”

There is no trick.

You can never be anything but an egotistical human being.

You can never rid yourself of the conditions imposed by your biological form.

You can only act in spite of those conditions.

The only reason why it is not put like that is because it is not an attractive story to sell.

Magical transformations are much more appealing than just getting things done.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach