Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Sigh Of Relief

Feeling overwhelmed?

It is the nature of the mind to continuously be busy and make sense of the world.

And the mind does so by attempting to weave life’s events into a single story.

A story which does not necessarily serve you, because it is largely made without your knowing.

Let us suppose you are the sole creator of your story of the world.

What would that look like?

Would you still only have one narrative of how the world works?

One absolute that points to the truth?

If that is your desire, you are, indeed, likely to feel overwhelmed.

Because that desire drives you to go through all the possible views of the world and pick the right and objective one.

But there is no such thing as an objective view, in the strict sense of the word.

Relative knowledge is the only kind of knowledge.

Seeing, for instance, is one kind of relative knowing.

And the more different senses—or eyes, if you will—you use to ‘see’ your subject, the more complete your relative knowing of the subject will be.

And the more complete your relative knowing, the closer you are to objectivity.

The closer you are to objectivity, the further away you are from one story.

And having more than one story actually relieves stress by not having to keep track of the right one.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach