Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

A Shortcut To Going Broke

Follow your passion sounds like good counsel, but it’s the worst advice you can get.

Along with the desire to do less heavy lifting, punch out a little earlier, work fewer days, and retire a bit younger—we have yet another excuse to be allergic to work.

“Only when a job lights the fire in my belly will I give it my all. And if I must take on a job I don’t like, I’ll merely show up while I keep looking for the end of the rainbow.”

Passion is essential for any career, but only an amateur uses it for a compass. Because even if you land your dream job, what first seemed exciting eventually becomes boring. Forcing you to look for yet another venture.

Rather than running away from boredom, the professional takes a different approach.

The pro identifies opportunity, gets good at it, and figures out a way to love it.

Falling in love with work isn’t as hard as it sounds. Passion stems from solving problems, reaching mastery and being needed by the people you serve.

Rephrasing Stephen Stills’ classic, “If you can’t do the work you love, love the work you do.”

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach