Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

An Easy Way To Stop Procrastinating

If you’re struggling to start something that needs to get done, tell yourself that you’ll focus all your attention on the task for just ten minutes. 

Once the time runs out, you can decide whether you continue or not.

The best part?

Once you reach the ten-minute mark you usually want to keep going. In that way, work is similar to Newton’s first law: once you get something moving it wants to keep moving.

So the trick is in getting started. And by focusing on time invested rather than results produced, the chance of success is incredibly high. 

Who doesn’t love an easy win?

So the next time you catch yourself procrastinating, follow the ten-minute rule.

P.S. I applied the 10-minute rule to write this blog post. It cost me a little under 20 minutes to go from conception to finish. You’ll no doubt make better use of your time.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach