Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

An Overlooked Productivity Hack

It doesn’t really matter how much you optimize your life. No amount of productivity hacks is enough to evade or effectively eliminate the interruptions and distractions that life throws at you.

Poorly managed work meetings. Traffic jams. Internet trouble. Plane delays. Car malfunctions. Computer difficulties. Disgruntled clients. Plumbing emergencies. Health issues.

Life does not give two shits about your carefully regimented routines. And it will continuously snatch your attention away from what you want to be doing to whatever distraction that needs to be dealt with now.

When your meticulous plans get interrupted, it’s natural to feel upset. After all, you know you won’t be done on time. Just be careful not to blame yourself and feel like a failure. 

You’re not a failure. You’re just stuck in a place that’s largely out of control. Welcome to the human experience.

The goal here is not so much to avoid unexpected setbacks and interruptions, but to deal with the unforeseen as quickly as possible so you can get back on schedule.

That’s what makes the best the best, they don’t dawdle. Instead of getting caught up in feelings of disappointment, they take action to keep the interruption as short as possible.

Your plans will get interrupted. How will you deal with it?

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach