Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

The Enigma Of Suffering

Suffering doesn’t always act like a teacher. If it did, everyone would be a Buddha, because not a soul on this earth is without misfortune and hardships. That’s why so many of us succumb to addiction, depression and worse.

Suffering isn’t enough to grow stronger.

At the same time, rescuing people from misery isn’t necessarily the right move either. By flying to the rescue of every person going through trouble, you’re enabling them to stay helpless and denying them the opportunity to face their demons and grow.

Because although suffering isn’t enough to lead you to a brighter future, the will to change often is. That’s what it all starts with. Combine a tormenting desire for change with hope, courage, openness and persistence, then suffering may lead you to rebirth.

We should obviously never give up on helping people entirely. We just need to recognise the difference between meddling in affairs we have no business meddling with and supporting those who ask.

Everyone is on their own journey. It’s not your job to tell them where to go, but you can always offer to illuminate their path.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach