Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Are We There Yet?

An essential part of life is hidden from us: what started it—and why?

These are questions we might never be able to solve.

And there’s nothing wrong with closed doors, unless you feel compelled to see what’s on the other side.

But instead of trying to force our way in, we can perhaps let the meaningful secret come to us.

In that way, life’s unsolvable puzzles are like poetry.

The power of a poem lies in what’s not said. A verse that encourages us to wonder affects us more deeply than a piece which explains the mystery away.

It’s a bit of a paradox: sometimes, by hitting a dead-end, we get closer to our destination than by continuing the journey.

But that’s hard for us to understand.

It’s in our nature to sail every ocean and scale every mountain to see where it goes. And the trail, of course, leads right to where you started.

Consider our quest to explore the cosmos.

Shooting ourselves into the star-filled darkness will certainly brings us new adventures. But it fundamentally changes nothing—what we already do on Earth, we will do in space.

Traversing technological horizons will do equally little. Whether we live in aging bags of meat or in immortal bodies of metal, we’re still the same selfish seekers of joy.

Do not mistake this lack of progress for an invitation to do nothing. It’s simply the unveiling that we have already arrived.

Some of us, however, behave like there’s more horizons to pass; that paradise lies elsewhere. These are the restless thinkers who believe what’s in front of their noses is trivial.

“Fiddles make a nice enough sound, but it’s merely the noise of horsehair rubbing on sheep intestines. This clearly cannot be what life’s all about. But maybe I can find it over that ridge.”

Sometimes meaning hides in plain sight.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach