Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Dancing On The Edge

If a list can describe what you do at work all day, you’re expendable.

The more specific and short the list, the bigger the chance you’ll get fired.

Why? Because there’s always someone who can read and costs less than you.

Do your responsibilities fit onto a post it? Start browsing the wanted ads.

If a set of bullet points can’t describe your job, you’re lucky. You’re not as easy to get rid of.

Perhaps your profession requires a degree. That thins out the competition.

But what makes you better than than your fellow graduates?

What keeps your boss from replacing you with other alumni?


If the top dog gives you the privilege to solve problems, you better jump on it. Because that’s what keeps you in the game.

But if you want to keep playing, you better know how much you can screw up.

Because tackling a project without instructions is dangerous. Drop the ball and you’re going to hurt your boss’ wallet.

So if you blunder too hard you’ll get sacked. Play it too safe and you’ll get replaced.

Solve problems without going outside the boundaries of your opportunity.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach