Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Dealing With Other People’s Mistakes

If one of your workers misses the deadline on a project for a big client, or costs the company money in some other way, it’s easy to fly off the handle and yell, scream and belittle them.

But what does that achieve?

Will they suddenly stop making mistakes and become perfect workers? Of course not. Mistakes are the cost of doing business, they’re inevitable.

Losing your temper only teaches your subordinates to hide their mistakes. So mistakes will still be made, you just won’t hear about them. 

If you have the responsibility of managing or overseeing others, the onus is on you. 

Is someone underperforming? That’s on you. Is someone slacking off? That’s on you. Any time someone you’re supposed to be guiding drops the ball, you’re to blame.

Maybe you put them in an environment where they can’t shine. Maybe they don’t work well together with the team you set up. Perhaps you gave them a level of responsibility they just aren’t ready for.

Whatever the issue, you need to find the solution without pointing fingers.

“What can we do to prevent this from happening again?”

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach