Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

People Won’t Steal Your Idea

You have a million dollar idea, but can’t talk to anybody because you’re afraid they may steal it. What a bunch of malarkey. No one is going to steal your idea if it has the slightest chance of working.


Because really good ideas are new. They don’t exist yet. Which means that fleshing out your idea will involve a lot of time, money and risk.

Almost no one will even believe it’s possible. And those that do see your idea’s merit, will probably convince themselves that someone else is already working on it or that it’s too much hassle to pursue.

Unless your idea feels like a quick and painless way to get rich, most people won’t even give up any headspace to try and remember it.

This brings me to the final and most important point of all:

Once your idea becomes successful, make as much money with it as you can. Because once people see your cockamamy idea worked, they’ll finally have the motivation to steal your idea and will do everything they can to beat you at your own game.

The same happened with cryptocurrency. First, everyone thought Bitcoin was about as bad for your portfolio as an attic full of Beanie Babies, but now certain big companies and even governments are accepting Bitcoin as legal tender

No one will steal your idea until it works. So get started already, will ya?

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach