Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Improving A Perfect Product

Entrepreneurs seeking a competitive edge often get stuck in linear thinking. What worked to improve their business last year no longer works today.

Now they’re bogged down while their competition is closing in.

What should they do to stay ahead?

Improve the services around your state of the art product.

Some ideas to get you going:

Instead of creating a better video instructional, you can give the buyer a money back guarantee: no cure, no pay. Without a downside, people don’t need to worry about taking the leap. 

Instead of writing a better book, you can convert your manuscript into an audiobook. Now their eyes are free to wander, people can process your story on the go. 

Instead of creating a faster train, announce that a portion of the proceeds will go to charity. People won’t reach their destination quicker, but they will feel better about using your services.

Instead of refining the school curriculum, give all the students who can’t afford eyewear a free pair of glasses. Now that kids with bad eyesight can see the blackboard too, their test scores will skyrocket.

Instead of designing a better traffic light, add a timer that shows us how many seconds until the light turns green. By sharing the time, the wait is less frustrating.

Even a perfect product can be improved if you focus on refining the margins.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach