Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Do We Need A King?

It’s rare for us to be faced with a situation for which we have no answer.

Any dilemma is normally met with an assortment of intuitive impressions and thoughts.

Whether the solution is capable of overcoming the obstacle or not, you automatically receive answers to questions you may not be consciously asking, based on data you’re unaware of.

You can, for instance, sense someone is a good person without knowing anything about them.

The source of these feelings is your instinct. And it is constantly scanning your environment for threats, and weaving events and situations into coherent stories.

All of this is done to keep you safe. And your instinct usually does so successfully.

But not always.

If you like to visit the beach, you have likely seen many jellyfish washed up and dead on the shore.

Intuition failed to keep these specific gelatinous animals alive.

On a larger scale, however, it has kept the jellyfish species alive for at least 500 million years.

Unlike the jellyfish, we have the ability to think and control ourselves. In other words, we can override our instinct.

Meaning that we can avoid suffering shipwreck in the short term.

But to restrain the unfavourable side of our nature means to subdue all of it.

Which raises the question: are we smarter than our instinct in the long run?

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach