Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Don’t Do As Geniuses Do

Intelligence is without a doubt one of the best indicators of whether you’ll do well in life. But you don’t want to be too smart.

In fact, it’s probably best to be a bit above average.


Well, as good as the benefits of being a genius are, a remarkable intellect isn’t without its flaws. For starters, you’re almost always right. 

That probably doesn’t sound like a flaw, but a person who’s never wrong is far more likely to jump to conclusions and far less likely to change his mind.

The data doesn’t match your beliefs? The data must be wrong. Someone else has a different opinion? Their opinion must be wrong.

If your intelligence hasn’t led you astray before, why would you think it’s throwing you off course now?

That’s why a genius has a far more difficult time keeping an open mind than someone who’s wrong on the regular. 

Don’t do as geniuses do and fall in love with your own ideas. Be persistent in finding the truth and change your mind when the facts tells you. 

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach